Professor Oak gave Red and Blue a choice between three Pokemon. Red chose Charmander ‘cause his father wanted him to be a warm, caring person and Blue picked Squirtle due to its type advantage. Blue swore to be the world’s best trainer and challenged Red to a battle, ending in the latter’s defeat. After telling the Team Rocket’s boss the cops were on their way, Giovanni mused how his plans were foiled by a child. During their battle, Giovanni’s Nidoqueen gained the upper hand. Desperate, Red ordered Charizard to use Flamethrower, to which Nidoqueen countered with Surf. As Red was beaten, Giovanni remarked at how weak Charizard was as he left via helicopter. Upon returning to Viridian City, Red encountered Blue, who earned enough badges to enter the League. Red came into the gym and was shocked to face Giovanni, whose Rhyhorn beat five of his Pokemon. Giovanni recalled Rhyhorn and sent out Rhydon. Down to his last Pokemon, Red summoned Charizard, which won using Seismic Toss. Remembering the trainer he used to be, Giovanni disbanded Team Rocket so that the badge would be coming not from a gang’s boss but from an established gym leader. After winning ‘gainst the Elite Four, Lance informed Red there was one more champion: Blue. He sent out Pidgeot, and Red sent Jolteon. Alakazam then battled Scyther and KO’d each other. Lapras defeated Rhydon, though it wasn’t easy. Despite the type advantage, Blue’s Arcanine took out Lapras. Exeggutor defeated Dodrio, which was beaten by Persian. Blue’s Blastoise beat Persian and Jolteon, so Red was left with Charizard. Just when Charizard was ‘bout to lose, it defeated Blastoise, shocking Blue. Red raced to Oak to tell him he caught all 149 Pokemon and found out Blue was injured by a Pokemon. After looking through Red’s Pokedex and not seeing it, Blue determined there must be 150 Pokemon. Despite Blue’s protest, as he wanted to catch it, Red went to battle it. Left with only Charizard again, Red sent it out, but their opponent, Mewtwo, sent ‘em below water. Suddenly, Charizard evolved and defeated its foe. After capturing Mewtwo, Red returned home, then realized there was one more to catch: Mew.

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